Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Purity Test Results Are In

Once again, we're posting our certified lab tests for anyone to see.

We do a full tox screen, including very careful tests that can detect traces of chemicals left by pesticides, ferilizer, moldicides, and fungicides.

If grown properly, tea shouldn't have any of those chemical or be tainted with diesel fumes, either. :)

You can view the latest results produced by Anresco Labs (San Francisco, CA) at

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our 2008 Tea and Health Studies Article

Green Tea Health Benefits - Significant 2008 Studies

New Evidence: Green Tea, Antioxidants and Caffeine

This is from a press release about an article we produced based on our research this year. Our lab studies at Brunswick and Anresco Labs revealed some interesting things about caffeine, antioxidant potency and purity of commercial teas.

High-potency organic teas tested higher in caffeine than coffee,
the exception being oolong tea, the lowest in caffeine-- equal
to the caffeine in an average cup of coffee.

We also summarize some related research from earlier this year to provide a more complete picture. Read the full article on our main site.