Friday, February 27, 2009

Making Tea Extract - Tea, Caffeine and Cancer 2009 Study

An interesting study recently demonstrated that caffeine helps destroy cancerous cells, and the article on Yahoo! indicated that soon doctors may be recommending topical caffeine solutions to fight skin cancer.

This brings us to the subject of extracts, which people ask us about often.

There are generally two types of extracts: powdered and liquid. Powdered is much more common since it's easier to make and doesn't spoil or ferment over long periods of time.

Neither is very desirable since A) most of them are made from cheap tea and include chemicals from pesticides and other impurities and B) powdered or brewed tea extract very quickly begins to oxidize and loses its potency and flavor.

Your best bet is to use your own organic whole leaf tea.

1. Powdered Extract
Use a little electric coffee grinder with spinning blades. Make sure it's very clean. In unscented teas, coffee grounds will wreck the flavor. Grind it and use it immediately.

2. A more practical way to make tea extract for most applications is to simply brew it strong.
A) Add hot water to a cup that's half to 3/4 full of tea.
B) Let it get cooled a little, then refrigerate.
C) Use within about 72 hours; keep it in something with an airtight cover

If you're considering expensive skin lotions and so forth, you might try dipping a cotton ball into some chilled organic tea extract instead.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Organic Tea Videolog

See our new videolog at YouTube. We'll keep adding photos of our little adventures and tea tips. This one is one of our TV commercials.

This one shows fireworks in Shanghai.

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