Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why is Dragon Pearl Tea So STRONG?

It's true: our teas are much more potent than people expect, especially experienced loose-leaf tea drinkers. This is probably why the best feedback we get is from tea experts and connoisseurs (and why we recently received Master's of Taste and Sofi awards).

I think there are two main reasons for the full flavor and extreme potency power in Dragon Pearl tea. First, this tea is mountain-grown in ideal conditions that promote optimum photosynthesis and glycolysis. The result is maximized flavor and concentrated antioxidant properties.

The second reason is that this whole-leaf tea is as fresh as possible, packed in double-airtight containers right at the farms.

In testing our teas, we found ours to be highest in theine (the caffeine-like substance in tea) as well as in anti-oxidant levels. Our green tea is the highest in "caffeine"--even higher than the black tea.

All this really comes down to one thing to remember when using our tea: use less. In most cases, about half as much of our tea will brew a cup as full-flavored as you're used to.

(If you want less caffeine, pre-steep for two minutes, and you'll get about 50% of the caffeine out.)

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