Monday, June 14, 2010

Making Dragon Pearl's Super Natural Tea Shots

New 2-Ounce Green Tea Shots Are Extremely Powerful

We spent the last few days producing the very first Super Natural Energy tea shots... possibly the strongest liquid tea extract ever made.

Super Natural tea shots are made using potent organic green tea called Mao Feng ("fur tip"), the most powerful green tea we have ever tested. We decided to brew the tea with as many leaves as can possibly fit while being covered with hot water!
Judah and Scott watch the tea infusion carefully.
After being mixed with superjuices, the tea shots are flash-pasteurized
and slightly pressurized for freshness, then filled into baby wine bottles.
Circular labels are dropped onto the bottles, then hot air shrinks them tightly onto the surface.
A quality control technician examines the finished bottles.
Dozens of special Q/A procedures ensure the purity and packaging of the tea shots.
A machine grabs twelve bottles and drops them into the case box.
The final 12-pack boxes are inspected and closed. Ready to ship!

(More about Super Natural tea shots)

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