Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nutritionist Warns Against Energy Drinks

Dragon Pearl's Tea Shots Featured as a Healthy Alternative

Nutritionist Aaron Snyder was featured on San Diego's Channel 6 yesterday. He discussed energy drinks and energy shots with reporter Marc Bailey, and talked about the effects of too much caffeine on the body, especially diabetics.

Aaron says that drinks like Monster, Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy are basically a rip-off that give you way more caffeine than needed to stimulate the body, and make you crave sweet and fatty foods.

He also discussed Dragon Pearl's Super Natural Tea Shots, saying that three cups of green tea is the ideal "lift" for the human body, providing the maximum dose of natural caffeine for humans. Three cups of organic green tea provides a lift all day long, without interfering with sleep because it allows you to get tired by expending your energy instead of countering over-stimulation with drugs.

Aaron also discussed his new book, The New Diabetes Prescription.

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