Monday, November 1, 2010

Dragon Pearl Tea Sponsors The Tweetys

"An easier way to view Twitter"

Dragon Pearl Tea has agreed to be one of the sponsors of the Tweety Awards, which recognizes the best Twitter sites in various categories.

"We think the Tweety Directory is an easier way to view Twitter," explains Judah Sanders, co-founder of Dragon Pearl Tea. "It makes Twitter more clear so even people who don't participate in Twitter can understand it and get immediate value from it." is a directory that allows users to view multiple Twitter feeds on one page and browse through Twitter by category.

"The value people get from Twitter and from the Tweety Directory depends on their orientation," explains founder Dave Dahl. "You can easily see headlines all your favorite news sources on one screen, for example. Or you can follow all the coupon sites or see what's going on in your industry, all on one page."

The Tweety Directory will soon include the ability to customize your own Twitter dashboard so you can see all the Twitter feeds you want on one screen without clicking from page to page.

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