Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Green Tea and Weight Loss

It's true that "green tea helps you lose weight." This is because of its ability to stimulate the metabolism and aid in digestion, besides being healthy for your immune system (read more about this and other health benefits on our green tea page). Oolong tea is even more well-known as a weight loss aid.

With kids, weight problems get worse faster as they get older. A big part of the problem with kids and weight and sugar (and diabetes) is soda. Kids love Monster and other "energy" drinks too, and they can be even higher is sugar and caffeine.

One simple way green tea can help you lose weight is by reducing your sugar intake. Remember, even a small soda has a whole pile of sugar dissolved into it... unless it has some dangerous chemicals in it like aspartame.

TRY THIS: make some truly delicious iced green tea. Use plain sugar (organic preferred, of course) and you will find you need very little sugar compared to soda and juice drinks.

About a teaspoon will do it, which is less than half of most sodas-- it's healthy AND your kids will love it.

1. Make tea extract by brewing jasmine pearl tea extra strong.
2. Add sugar and ice
3. Stir and adjust by adding more water, sugar or tea.

NOTE: Don't drink too much at night! Green tea might keep you up late just like cola or coffee.